Spiritual Journey of artist Balu Sadalge

WP_20170811_13_51_35_Pro WP_20170811_13_49_34_Pro WP_20170811_13_49_17_Pro WP_20170811_13_50_07_ProIn a crowded space of India Habitat Center, I saw Balu Sadalge sitting quietly with his art work displayed around on the walls. An artist with over two decades of experience in oil paintings, his art works need no mention as they are sold far and wide.

The most common connection in his present exhibition are the stairs of most famous spiritual places in the country. So, what’s his interest in stairs all about?

“Staircases attract me. I remember practicing art siting on these stairs during my college days. It’s hard to explain my relation with the stairs” says Balu.

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