A dance- drama depicting the journey of warrior Parasurama

Shashidharan Nair the exceptionally gifted dancer and choreographer, is back with a mythological Dance-Theatre Production based on the “PARASURAMA” – The Axe Wielding Rama, Legend of the Sixth Avatar of Vishnu. Shashidharan who has mastered several dance forms namely Kathakali, Mayurbhanj Chhau and Kalaripayattu to name a few, staged this dance drama for the Delhi theater goers.

‘Parasurama’, is the story of a boy, who was forced to take difficult decisions in order to fulfill his duties to his parents and to the idea of a fair and just society.

The only Brahma-Kshatriya, Parasurama was born in a Brahmin family with Kshatriya traits of fearlessness and valour. He had received an axe from Lord Shiva  after undertaking tapasya. He is dreaded as the man, who decimated the entire ruling class in a bygone age. He is the Shaktyavesh Avatar of Vishnu – a human invested with special powers of the supreme Lord. It is believed, that the main purpose of Vishnu’s sixth incarnation was to free the earth’s burden by assassinating the sinful and irreligious kings who neglected their duties.

The credit of having developed the martial art of Kalaripayattu goes to Parasurama. He became the Guru of Bheeshma, Dronacharya and Karna. Parasurama appears in Ramayana when Rama breaks Shiva’s bow in Sita’s Swayamvara, interestingly the only instance, where two incarnations of Vishnu come face to face as adversaries!

Among his other tales of valor, Parasurama is known to have fought back the advancing ocean, which was going to hit the lands of Kokan and Malabar. The area between Maharashtra and Karnataka is known as Parasuramakshetra.

He is destined to become one of the Saptarishis in the next Manvantar. A Cheeranjivi, one of the seven immortals, he is believed to reside on earth, awaiting the arrival of Kalki, the tenth Avatar of Vishnu to impart martial training. The mission of his life is to help humanity find its way whenever it gets lost.

Shashidharan explored the martial forms of Kerala with the Senior Fellowship awarded by the Ministry of Culture. Pursuing dance professionally for the last 40 years, he has to his credit the direction of the Sampurna Ramayana, a mega production with a cast of 70 on a stage of 140 feet held during Dushera for the last two years. His work has travelled to many countries under the sponsorship of ICCR. He is a leading name among his contemporaries at the forefront of the world of choreography. He has been associated with Shriram Bharatiya Kala Kendra for over 3 decades, where he created highly popular and critically acclaimed dance productions like Tripurantak, Chakravyuha and Dance of Shiva among few others


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