Journey Within, a beautiful presentation of art out of the urban jungle

Somenath Maity, Structure, 40 x 40 inches, Oil on canvas, 2014 Somenath Maity, Structure, 48 x 48 inches, Oil on canvas, 2012 Somenath Maity, Structure, 48 x 48 inches, Oil on canvas, 2015 Somenath Maity, Structure, 50 x 60 inches, Oil on canvas, 2014 Somenath Maity, Structure, 60 x 78 inches, Acrylic & Oil on canvas, 2014 Somenath Maity, Structure, 36 x 36 inches, Oil on canvas, 2013 PIC 11 PIC 06 Somenath Maity, Structure, 30 x 30 inches, Oil on canvas, 2014 PIC 17 PIC 16 PIC 13 PIC 01

I recently visited India Habitat Center to catch up with a friend at Etopia. After a nice cup of coffee we decided to head towards the Visual Arts Gallery… and let me tell you I was awe and inspired by this beautiful exhibition called the “Journey Within”.. put together by Nvya Art gallery.

The exhibition beautifully portrayed cityscapes, relating and responding to the light of the urban jungle … with structures purely imaginative, ethereal and dream like.

I think modern day urban planning and design also carries with it a strong element of aesthetic sense beyond practical necessities and this exhibition definitely pushes that element to the maximum – the light and colour and vivacity of city life on canvas.

I never thought of lights to look so mesmerizing with its myriad hues and tones as they illuminate from houses and buildings.

Seeing the exhibition you are assured that the artist is not an amateur. You are proven this with every work at display. The exhibition in its all colorful form is done by Somenath Maity who is considered one of the finest artists of contemporary Bengal.

If you notice Maity carefully uses colours to create structural shapes with neatly etched contours of a flourishing city-scape, colors that are bright, soft and radiant. Yet, keeping the powerful and imaginative schemes intact. Almost surreal at times, these colors keep flowing with the light, moods and emotions like moonlight on pebbles, shadows on walls, and silhouettes against sunrises. Just beautiful.

Every work invites us to enter the artist’s world through pathways, steps and open courtyards….

I think you likely to lose your way if you are visiting a structure made by someone else but not if it’s done by Somenath Maity. Here, you look forward to every corner of the structure to rooftop.

Our monuments are usually done up with lights surrounding them and not highlighting the actual characteristic of a structure in its true sense. I wonder had Maity directed lights for the monuments. I think he can do it beautifully with the direction and colour of the lights.

Maity’s creations seem like Poetry around structures. These structures could also be considered the inner soul.  As my friend says, traveling from the consciousness to universal awareness.

Lastly, you think that the artist has used brush to bring out these marvelous pieces of art then let me inform that this artist works with a spatula and not a brush as he creates new yet strangely familiar worlds for you.


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