Traditonal Masks of Mexico

Masks of Mexico are fundamental element of its magical cultural manifestation, an expression of various moods and emotions. Indigenous cultures have flourished and survived through expressions of this popular art. A marvelous instrument, the mask hides the wearer while acquiring life and becoming a God, a deity, an animal or maybe a king. Whether it is carved wood, ceramic, metal, fabric or plastic, it becomes a passport to a different world or time.

The rich, millenary Mesoamerican mask tradition survived the Spanish conquest and for almost 500 years. Mexican masks tightly intertwined with European theatre and musical traditions.

Mask is not just considered as an extraordinary work of art. Its use is seen across cultures and various ceremonies, be it celebration, ritual healing or exorcism rites. Also, an object of great pride and respect around the world.

Thanks to syncretism, many indigenous traditions found refuge in masks, and this ancient heritage sometimes appears in the most unexpected places always working as a liberating instrument, perhaps even transforming the wearer into a superhero.

Mask, its existence and its culture dates back to 3000 B.C..  There are mask for every occasion and theme like ritual masks, war and monstrous masks, tribal and folk performance mask. Though the art of these intricate masks still exists in Mexico, but it seems to have now taken a commercial way. They are seen more in markets and tourist areas as souvenirs or collection purpose.

Paying tribute this centuries-long tradition, the India International Centre along with the Embassy of Mexico in India is having a unique exhibition featuring 33 masks made up of different materials like lacquered wood carving and polychrome clay. The mask themes include animals such as jaguars and deer, religious and historical figures and ethnic types. So if you like to have some more glimpse and insights of the rich mask traditions of Mexico, then do visit the exhibition.

Embajada de México en Indonesia
Embajada de México en Indonesia

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Embajada de México en Indonesia
Embajada de México en Indonesia

Exhibition: Mask of Mexico

Dates: Until July 31, 2016

Location: Art Gallery, India International Centre, Delhi

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