Nature’s Philosophy, an exhibition by artist Chetan Walia

Nature’s Philosophy is an exhibition where Chetan has combined nature and the physical characteristics of the subject with the philosophy to create a unique story in each piece of art, to which each of us can relate to. The pictures at ‘The Philosophical’ breathe, are ethereal and come alive with the interplay of light with nature. The works are meant to impact the viewer’s imagination and inspire positivity. All the artwork at The Philosophical has been shot and printed by Chetan himself on carefully chosen media and conform to the vision and philosophy that he intends to communicate – lessons learned  from real life incidents.

Far too often art has focused on depicting the ‘negative’. Chetan, however, believes art can spark new ideas, catalyze critical thinking, inspire individuals, create visions and elicit new actions. Art should thus be used as a medium for ‘change’.

The Philosophical is a fine art gallery exhibiting and selling the works of the author, consultant, artist and fine art photographer Chetan Walia. The Gallery, very aptly named ‘The Philosophical’ has been opened with a thought in mind. Chetan believes that visual art forms can transcend all barriers and stimulate a lasting emotional response as the language it speaks is universal. Given it’s expressive and personal nature, art can be utilized to encourage communication and express ideas that one feels passionate about. Each piece of art has been created on acid-free paper, using pigment inks, framed with acid-free material using a non-reflective UV protected glass. This scientific process gives the prints a fade resistance of 120 years.

All pictures have been shot and printed by Chetan on carefully chosen media and conform to the vision and philosophy that he intends to communicate. A complete control over the entire process and each being a Single Edition Exclusive art makes it a valuable and appreciative investment.

chetan-walia-author-artist-fine-art-photographer-and-director curiosity-is-the-beginning-of-wisdom dont-look-back-you-are-not-going-that-way make-peace-with-silence natures-way-is-to-coexist the-blues-fade-away-when-the-spirit-sets-free today-is-the-beginning-of-anything-you-want wisdom-is-knowing-what-to-overlook

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