Searching for the Sun, a poetography exhibition

The Indiestani Project began three years ago as an experiment — and an exploration — in whether a new art-form might be possible at the crossing of words and images. Having run the “poetography” project online for a couple of years, we discovered that there might indeed be an opportunity to present something fresh to audiences offline as well — our first exhibition was at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival in Mumbai earlier this year, where the few works we presented received a tremendous response.

“Searching for the Sun”, presented for the first time at the India International Centre, Delhi is the culmination of three years of work and many more years of ceaseless fascination with various forms of art. The present body of work focuses primarily around themes of memory, love and discovery, merging words and images seamlessly. Occasionally, it cuts across languages as well.

We believe that seams exists only if we see them — that looking hard, even through a glass darkly, is a constant attempt at discovering new ways of seeing. Just as the sun — unmoving, yet moving — has been an endless source of fascination for millennia, so have we — to ourselves — been unfathomable. Ultimately, “Searching for the Sun” is a journey within, uncovering, re-discovering, shining light on the many layers that make us who we are. And who we are often not.

The Indiestani Project was founded by Shubhodeep Pal with Akriti Sondhi. Akriti, 23, is a remarkable photographer with a gift of seeing the unusual in the ordinary. Shubhodeep, 27, is a poet and photographer whose first book “Interruptions” was published in 2009 by Writers Workshop, Kolkata. The writer Ruskin Bond has called Shubhodeep “a genuine poet, with a feeling for words and what can be done with them”.

“I have always loved photography. As a shy kid, it allowed me to stay behind the limelight. It wasn’t until college that I realised my love for photography and how I could finally express my creativity without being exceptionally gifted at traditional paper-pencil art. My interest in psychology helped me explore photography at a deeper level as it allowed me to visualise human emotions in different shades.
I mostly post my photos on Instagram- where I have a sizeable following. I love the challenge of posting something interesting in that small frame. In particular I enjoy clicking architecture and landscape,” Akriti Sondhi.

“I grew up in a small hilltown in the mountains of northern India, amidst thousands of books in my
grandfather’s library that’s where I stumbled upon my love for reading, and writing. I write poetry,
and have published one volume – Interruptions, produced by Writers Workshop. While writing I mostly explore the themes of memory, love, loss, people and their interconnectedness with nature. I have always been fascinated by photographs and the possibilities within silent frames,” Shubhodeep Pal.








Akriti and Shubhodeep’s “poetography” collaboration, The Indiestani Project, began in 2013, and was recently selected for exhibition at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, 2016. It seeks to combine words and images to expand their potential and discover new worlds hidden within.

On view 8th to 16th October 2016, 11 am to 7 pm daily at the Art Gallery
IIC Annexe, Lodi Estate, New Delhi 110003

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