“Terra Incognita”, representing history through maps

Here’s a  very special set by Italian artist Pietro Ruffo. Beyond geography and location… these creations go into history and even culture of various regions across the globe. The exhibition is titled “Terra Incognita”… meaning unknown or unexplored territory.

Maps that leave your regular GPS and your smartphone navigation app far far behind.

Pietro Ruffo’s exhibition had maps also representing the history of various territories… some on the beaten track… some unexplored and unknown.

The showcase is called Terra Incognita… and it looks closely at fragmented lines of unknown lands… in the years when explorers arrived on foreign shores to conquer and capitalise countries..

This series of “Terra Incognito”, is a specialized India edition. Maps going back to the 18th and 19th centuries… show landscapes of the Indian Ocean through time. From the age of the mighty Mughals… to India under the British and our colonial past… through to modern day capitalism, international relations and the world we live in.

Look closely… and on every longitude and latitude hovers a dragon fly… just like those maps centuries old.

Through this exhibition, the artist questions the freedom given by colonisers and what they took away.

There’s the idea of complete freedom but also the fragility of the dragon fly.

What a wonderful journey that was. History and culture all coming out from maps .

Atlas-of-Architecture-2015-130x240cm-ink-acrylic-and-cut-outs-on-paper Pietro Ruffo pietro-ruffo-759 terra_incognita_bypietroruffohttp://www.pietroruffo.com/



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