UNISON of Art and Artist

Elegancy of Colors is the brain child of Shambhu Nath Goswami, an eminent Indian artist. This Art Firm attempts toportray some of the extraordinary talents of India just under one roof. For the very first time in Elegancy Of Colors, a collaborative platform for artists to showcase their talents through the new eventprogramme “UNISON”. It’s a celebration of art and artists, a platform wherein a multitude of art forms amalgamate to form a joyous celebration. A platform that lends itself to Painters, photographers, sculptors, graphic designers  and more. It i1. Shambhu Nath Goswami. 2.Shambhu Nath Goswami 4.Naval Kishore 5.Title_2 Medium_ Acrylic on Canvas Size_40x30 inches by Artist Roop Chand 6.Vijaylaxmi D Mer 7.Darshan 8.Prakash Betawar 9.kalyani sahoo 10.Irfan Khans a show that is aimed at bringing artists and art lovers and connoisseurs together.This show is in pursuance to the vision of showcasing the artworks and creations of more than 30 Artists. This mega event will also be an apt platform for talented, promising artists to showcase their creations alongside the luminaries of the art world.This first UNISON exhibition will also see an art competition for school children, exclusively managed by Elegancy Of Colors.

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